Recording Artist
Music should be more about action than words.
"I don't write the music, the music writes me".
Focusing on the hip-hop and soul genre. Graduating quote in high school "To be a lyrical genius". Discreet has definitely lived up to this standard and manifested his destiny.
African and native roots combined to create a rich hybrid sound that is truly authentic. The deadly combination allows him to mesmerize the listener with revolutionary sound. His ancestors speak through him to the people.
Certified Crowd Pleaser
Working with artists such as Akon, Meek Mill, The Game, Riff Raff, and Pusha T, just to name a few... Discreet knows how to control the crowd and turn up their Richter scale reading off the meter. No crowd big enough that Discreet can't handle.

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Alien God came out in December 2016 and is available on all platforms!
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